A survey conducted in 1970 showed that almost every house in America had a common Backgammon board game. Even after so many years it has remained the same throughout the world. But nobody would have imagined that they would be able to play their favorite game online.

Backgammon has earned new audience due to internet facilities. In fact the interests of the older generation backgammon fans have been rekindled now. Though the older generation did not have a computer in their house they are able to easily learn this game.  It is not only easy to learn but also fun to master a board game online. One of the main advantages of online Backgammon is that you don’t have to learn the set up. It is already done for you. All that you have to do is play the game and win it.

Backgammon has advanced so much once it was started as online playing. Even the audience has experienced the same. There are so many variations to the same game now. The players of online Backgammon are from different age groups and upbringings. A few of them belong to a group who are used to gamble in Backgammon. So they like to play the standard and original versions. There are special sites where you play this for money. So they actually compete with the opponent in tournaments.

There are some others who love to play this game just for fun. Hence they play games with variations which include Turkish version called Tawula. Acey-Deucy is a version of America and Europe. Both these versions are popular as it is but they offer online fans bigger challenges on the standard types. These versions are gaining a lot of popularity which also give a test for your skills. For example in Tawula you need to start with just two checkers instead of 15. And the rest 13 have to be brought only after rolling the dice. This twist gives a lot of attention to the players.

If you are a person who loves board games but have not tried your gaming skills online, you could try out by accessing the free sites that offer online board games. This will help you to get updated with online games. Free Backgammon board games are available on the net that teach you to play the game very easily. These act as training period for trying new techniques. Hence they boost your confidence levels.

There are some sites that offer you the Backgammon gaming software so that you can download it free of cost and then you can install it in your personal computer. So you can play the game anytime that you want and also make yourself well prepared to face online friendly games as well as money games.

In fact there are a lot of Backgammon game forums happening on the net. So you can connect with thousands of similar interest groups of fans. You can post your queries on this site and they give you a lot of information. You will get to know about new online gaming sites, latest industry news, tournaments and also part with your like-minded friends with some own experiences.

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