Where Can I Play Free Backgammon?

It’s easy to find places to play free backgammon. If you have a recent version of the Windows operating system, it comes with free internet backgammon. You’re automatically pitted against an opponent at your selected level.

You can choose beginner, intermediate, or expert and the game begins. This is a nice place to play for free without installing any software or finding out about any sites. If you’re looking for a great place to play online backgammon, then there are much better offerings out there.

Backgammon as a Social Game

Backgammon is a social game. In order to keep all of the chat on the Microsoft freebie version clean and child-safe, Microsoft limits you to being able to say twenty or so pre-programmed phrases such as “good luck” and “it’s your turn.”

If you want to play backgammon the way that it’s meant to be played, as a social game, you’ll need to move to a real backgammon site. Since those sites don’t allow children under eighteen, the need for screening of chat is less strenuous.

You’ll still find that you can’t say just anything. If you curse or give web addresses, the software will block what you’ve written. If you want to chat about yesterday’s ball game, though, you can.

More Than One Type of Backgammon

Bare-bones backgammon applications allow you to play backgammon either as a single round or as a points competition. They might allow you to choose between the two. There are, however, a number of backgammon variants. If you go to a good backgammon website, you’ll be able to experience some of those variations.

Backgammon Freeroll Tournaments

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to win real money playing backgammon, freeroll tournaments are the best place to find out. Freeroll tournaments allow you to play without paying any money. Some offer a cash prize while others offer entry into bigger tournaments.

Most sites require you to deposit some money before you play in their freeroll tournaments, but some will allow you to enter freerolls even without depositing a dime, particularly if the freerolls are qualifiers for later tournaments.

Why Play Free Backgammon?

Backgammon is a strategy game, and it is quite complex to learn and master. If you’re a beginner, it’s a big mistake to start off playing for money. It’s a much better idea to play for real against real opponents. Playing in the free rooms at a cash site helps you find good opponents, because you can play against other players who are trying to hone their skills as well.

Many of the play-for-free players are waiting around for freerolls and hoping to make money without making a deposit. When you play against these players, you get a good idea as to the kind of competition you could face if you did decide to play for real money, meaning that when you start to win against these players consistently, it’s time to move up to playing for real cash!

Top Backgammon

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