The game of Backgammon is very simple to learn whether it is offline or online. Backgammon is a kind of race game that is played between two players. They should try to bear off all their checkers earlier than their opponent. One point that you need to know about the game of Backgammon is that the forward move of the checkers depends on the dice. It also needs analytical skill and experience. For example if you roll a dice to 3 and 5, then you need to move that many times forward but it again depends on your skill and plan as to how best the move can be made. So let us start from the beginning of the game to get a proper explanation of Backgammon.

The rules of the Backgammon game say that on the 24th point two checkers need to be kept, on the 13th point five checkers, on the 8th point three checkers and on the 6th point another five. One of them is the Acey-Deucy. In this game the position of the checkers differ according to certain specific rules that depend on the Backgammon variant. But these kinds of placements are immaterial in a standard and regular Backgammon game that is played online.

Normally after you have positioned the checkers you need to throw the dice to start the game of Backgammon. Only one of the dice needs to be thrown by each player for starting. Of the two the player who gets the higher roll will be allowed to begin the game. But sometimes both may roll the same number, so in that scenario the dice must be rolled until any one of them break the tie. After this, each player will take turns to move their checkers in the anti clock wise motion to head towards the home place. While moving the checkers, it can be placed only when it is free.  It means that if the opponent’s checkers is placed already on it then you cannot place it there.

When a checker stands single on a particular point, then the opponent can hit and send it back to the bar. A checker that is hit by the opponent can enter the board by placing it on an available point of the opponent’s home board. This should be done in agreement to clue of the roll. If not it can only remain in the bar itself and not proceed. The points that are occupied can be skipped if they are not the destination points. If all checkers come to home board then they will bear according to the roll in the dice.

To have an in-depth knowledge on Backgammon game, both online and offline, or anything related such as Backgammon gambling, equip yourself with internet where an unlimited set of resources and news are given by the Backgammon community to help at every step.

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