Are There Sites Offering Free Backgammon?

It is not very difficult finding websites that allow you to play free backgammon. Free internet backgammon is offered by the latest version of Windows operating system.  Here you can select your level and you can enjoy playing with the opponent you are pitted against.

Before the game starts, you must first choose your level with care based on your experience. You can choose to play as an expert, as intermediate or a beginner. Most sites offering free backgammon do not require players to install any software on their systems. Browse around and you will find a variety of different websites offering you an opportunity to play online backgammon for free and for money.

Social Aspects of Backgammon

People enjoy playing backgammon for various reasons including for the fact that it is a highly social game. You can chat with other players through a set of pre-programmed phrases such as “it’s your turn” and “good luck”. This is especially to ensure that all chat on the free version is child safe and clean.

It goes without saying that if you wish to play real time backgammon, actually chatting with other players, you must choose a professional site. These sites do not have stringent screening for chat as no one below the age of eighteen is allowed.

It is however imperative for you to follow rules and display good manners which means the software will not display any curses or web addresses in the chat. You can of course, enjoy an informal, pleasant chat as you play.

Experience Many Backgammon Variants

Backgammon can be played either as points competition or as a single round. This option is offered through bare-bones backgammon applications. As a player, sites will ask you to choose one. Visit other backgammon sites and you will find a host of different variants. Reputed and reliable backgammon sites offer you the chance to play more than a couple of these variations.

Freeroll Backgammon Tournaments


If you love playing backgammon and wish to try your hand at competitive tournaments, the best place to start is at the freeroll tournaments. Here you do not have to pay money. Winners are either offered entry into bigger tournaments or cash prizes.

For qualifying rounds, sites usually do not require you to make a deposit. However, if you wish to play freeroll backgammon tournaments in bigger, reputed sites, you may have to deposit some money.

Reasons for Choosing Free Backgammon

The game of backgammon requires players to master certain strategies. If you have not played the game before, it is not recommended to start playing right away for money. Start by frequenting sites that offer free backgammon. Here you will find real life, good opponents. You can master the skills playing against players who themselves are practicing before moving on to paid sites.

It is possible to take part in freeroll tournaments and win prizes without ever making a single deposit which is what most players are doing now. Continue playing with these players for free and gauge the level of competition. Strive to better yourself and start winning consistently before moving on to play real backgammon for cash.

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