It is easy to learn to play backgammon game, no matter whether you want to play online or in a land based casino. Backgammon is a game that is played by two players. The player needs to try to bar all their checkers off earlier than his opponent. Before you start playing the backgammon game, you need to understand that only forward move of the checkers is allowed in the game and the moves depend on the number in the dice rolled. Though it is a game of luck, it requires some analytical skills and experience on your part. If you roll a dice to 2 and 4, you need to move your checkers 2 and 4 times forward. However, the moves can be made best, if you have some skills.

Understanding the rules of the backgammon game is important to play it well. The game rules insist that the two checkers should be kept on the 24th point, five checkers on the 13th point, three checkers on the 8th point and five checkers on the 6th point. Acey-Deucy is one of the popular versions of backgammon.  This game has a different set of rules regarding the position of the checkers. However, these types of positions are of no importance in the original version of backgammon available online.

Once you positioned the checkers, you need to start the game by throwing the dice. In the beginning, only one dice should be thrown.  The game can be started by you or your opponent. This is dependent on who gets the highest roll. Sometimes, both the players may get the same number. In such cases, the dice should be rolled again to break the tie. After this, both the payers take turns to move their checkers anti clockwise to reach the home place. You need to remember that the checkers can be placed only when they are free. It means that if the checker of your opponent is on a place already, you cannot move your checker to that place.

If any of your checkers stand single on a specific point, then your opponent can hit it and send it back to the bar. You can bring it back to the board only after placing it on some point of the home board of the opponent. This can be done by agreeing to trace of the roll. Otherwise, your checker will remain in the bar and cannot be proceed. You can skip the points that are occupied, if they are not the destination points. If all the checkers come to home board, you can then bear them off, according to the number in the rolled dice.

It is advisable to increase your knowledge about online and offline backgammon game and anything related to backgammon gambling. Getting yourself acquainted with all the rules by using the resources available online can help increase your chance of winning.

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